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Roy Donnelly Kingston Real Estate & Management

"It’s been huge for me knowing that all of my leads will be followed up with right away no matter what I’m doing. On top of that, being able to automatically share listings that match a client’s preferences has been a godsend. Having this system in place has considerably lowered the blood pressure this season."

Adam HardingHarding Investments

"DashFox’s automated follow-up activated several leads that I had been trying to convert for months. One of those leads is now a $1.5M client. I was really impressed with the results."

Max Motew Mo2 Properties

"It’s working like an absolute charm. Industry changing."

Key Features

Instant Follow-Up

The moment a new lead hits your inbox, you'll automatically follow up with them via custom sequences of email and SMS, all using your unique voice. The campaign only pauses once the lead books a meeting, fills out your questionnaire, or responds.

This feature allows you to engage with leads quickly and effectively, converting them into clients and saving you valuable time.

First-Touch Calling

First-touch Calling automatically calls you as soon as a lead lands in your inbox, giving you a chance to call and connect with the lead immediately.

Be the first to reach out to a lead by phone and increase your chances of bringing them on as a client. (Simply press 1 and you'll be connected.)

Missed calls? No problem, instant personalized messages can still go out.

Custom Questionnaire

We sit down with every professional and build them a custom questionnaire that they can use to qualify new leads.

A simple link to the questionnaire can be placed in follow-up campaigns, text messages, and emails. This feature allows you to gather all the information you need about a lead before engaging, allowing you to save a ton of time tedious back-and-forth and helping you prioritize your leads faster.

We can give you a custom link you can use anywhere and we'll make the look and feel of the questionnaire inviting, ensuring a lead is more likely to fill it out than they would be if you simply sent them a list of questions.

Lead Scoring & Routing

When a new lead fills out your questionnaire, we can score them on a scale of 1 to 10, using the exact criteria you care about. This will help you quickly prioritize which leads you want to engage with.

Essentially, you can quickly bring the most qualified leads to the surface and engage with them, while at the same time weeding out the ones who aren't a good fit.

In short, you can save time and make sure you're capitalizing on the highest quality leads.

Nurture Campaigns

We create long-term nurture campaigns to re-engage and nurture leads and past clients. Custom campaigns are created to sound like your voice and scheduled to go out at strategic times.

This way, you'll always be selling in the background and increasing your chances of converting leads into clients.